Don't Look Back

Dion Leonard - Author  / Motivator / Ultra Runner


Dion Leonard's lifestyle was killing him. Weighing 250 pounds; Dion’s uncontrollable eating habits, heavy smoking and excessive drinking to hide the demons from his abusive and turbulent childhood were leading him to an early grave. 


Whilst climbing the career ladder as a highly successful corporate senior leader with over 20 years experience in sales and marketing with some of the largest FMCG and Wine & Spirits businesses in the industry; Dion felt his life was missing a deeper purpose. He took up running and found the further he ran, the tougher the challenge, the more he learnt to harness the power to overcome any obstacle in front of him. 

Dion’s iron will and innate ability to survive led him to become one of the worlds top ultra runners competing in some of the toughest and most extreme ultra challenges across the planets most inhospitable locations.


One act of kindness would change Dion’s life forever during a 155 mile ultra race in the Chinese Gobi Desert when a stray dog ran with him, forming an unbreakable bond that would become the ultimate challenge of overcoming adversity to achieving the unachievable. This life changing moment would become the 'New York Times' bestseller 'Finding Gobi'.


Dion Leonard has been interviewed and featured around the world on TV, Radio and in Print and Digital Media for his athletic achievments and incredible story
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New York Times Bestseller Dion Leonard
Dion Leonard is the New York Times, Sunday Times and International Bestselling Author of Finding Gobi and Lara Runaway Cat
'The best book ever: drama, mystery, suspense whilst genuinely heartwarming and inspiring. Leonard has captured the essence of life!'
Finding Gobi Young Readers Dion Leonard
Finding Gobi for Little Ones Dion Leonard
Lara Runaway Cat Dion Leonard
'Dion Leonard is 'Simply Outstanding'
'Absolutely stratospherically positive and your motivation and the strength, determination and commitment to succeed under tough circumstances was something the business community truly learnt from'
'We laughed and cried with you, and flew back home with lots of inspiration – all of us had a lesson to take away and reflect upon from your life story'
'Dion Leonard is a motivational speaker that makes people want more from life'
Dion Leonard and his dog Gobi, donate, raise money, volunteer time and increase awareness for animals in need #AdoptDontShop
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Dion has tested, pushed, broken and set new limits running across formidable landscapes from inhospitable deserts, high altitude mountains to wild jungles. From 100 miles to 240 miles non stop, Dion has rebuilt his mental and physical limits in search of the ultra high, to find himself and to become the best he can be.

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