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Determination, dedication and perseveran

Dion Leonard has broken new barriers, achieved the unachievable and conquered the impossible, competing in the extreme endurance sport of  'ultra running' where race distances typically begin from 100 miles to 240 miles+ non stop throughout some of the planets most inhospitable locations including hot and dry deserts, wild jungles to high altitude mountain ranges and peaks. 

The quest to push himself to 'Break Average', and test himself in the toughest ultra races and adventure expeditions in the world has formed and built Dion's mindset to control and adapt to the most unique, difficult and life threatening situations and Dion's ability to remain consistent in the face of challenges and quickly recover from setbacks and adversity has ensured his success in the sport whatever the situation. 


Grit, tenacity, and a 'Don't Look Back' attitude has lead Dion to win on the race course and also as a corporate senior sales and marketing leader with over 2 decades of experience with innovative and award winning multi national companies. Dion's ability to interact his messages through business knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork, persistence and perseverance through sporting prowess and life changing situations combined with touches of kindness and gratitude is truly unique. 

Dion's resilience, drive and determination to succeed stems from an outcast childhood and abandoned upbringing to becoming a New York Times and International bestselling author of his memoir 'Finding Gobi' which has also resulted in an upcoming movie. Dion's roller coaster, heartwarming and life changing journey touches and connects with the audience that leaves them inspired, empowered and encouraged to achieve more.  

Dion has been sharing stories of his incredible journey for many years and is a highly sought after public speaker. Dion has been invited to speak at empowering, inspirational and corporate events around the world ranging from hosting Duke of Edinburgh awards with Prince Edward, Speaking at the President of Slovenia Invite Gala Day, United States Air Force, US Soccer Federation to TedX France, hosting charity events and after dinner speaking.



"Dion's ability to share his knowledge of controlling the uncontrollable, adapting under pressure, changing mindset and attitude was a great help for our team to use in not just our business but our personal lives."

"Absolutely stratospherically positive and your motivation and the strength, determination and commitment to succeed under tough circumstances was something our business truly learnt from."

"Dion's travelled a crazy journey, one of grit, determination and inspiration which not only moved the conference participants but will have impacted and inspired for a long time to come." 

"We laughed and cried with you, and flew back home with lots of inspiration – all of us had a lesson to take away and reflect upon from your life story."


Dion's business and entrepreneurial experience engages, empowers and awakens maximum performance for both individuals and teams whether it be small business, corporations to charity organisations. 

Dion unlocks the ingredients necessary for high-achievement, overcoming adversity, obstacles and achieving against all the odds through his 20 years of global sales and marketing roles combined with the determination and drive of an endurance athlete always looking for more. 

Dion Leonard Motivational Speaker
Dion Leonard Motivational Speaker
Dion Leonard Motivational Speaker

Don't Look Back - Achieve The Unachievable

Success stems from persistence, determination, commitment and passion. 'Don't Look Back' is learning how to turn past experiences into the first steps toward 'Achieving The Unachievable'.

Dion Leonard Motivational Speaker

Building Growth & Momentum - Finding Your Why


How do you keep achieving success? Whether it's in business, life or sport, success is only limited to your last result. Don't settle; 'Find Your Why' and keep building growth and raising momentum.

Being YOU and Becoming the Best YOU

The hardest battle you will ever fight is who you are now & who you want to be. Recognize those self limiting beliefs that hold you hostage and develop powerful daily habits to push forward to become the person YOU want to be.

Dion Leonard Motivational Speaker

Leading with Intent, Purpose & Perseverance to Achieve Success

Inspire, empower, and better equip yourself with intent, purpose and perseverance to achieve success through yourself and leading others by harnessing the power of teamwork.

Amplifying Mindset and Positive Attitude


Mental strength comes down to willingness & optimism that we all have the ability to choose.  Choosing a positive mindset & attitude and amplifying it can transform your life leading to achieving happiness, life satisfaction, and wellbeing.

Dion Leonard Motivational Speaker

Overcoming Adversity & Achieving Against The Odds


Pushing through the discomfort, accept it & thrive. Don't look back, keep moving forward.  Endure, don't be frightened of change & look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

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