Weighing 250 pounds, a pack a day smoker and a heavy drinker, Dion Leonard's life changed one night after he made a drunken bet with a friend on who could run a half marathon race the quickest. From not being able to run around the block, Dion has since gone on to become one of the most competitive ultra runners in the world competing and completing some of the worlds toughest races across the planets most extreme and inhospitable locations. 










Dion has tested, pushed, broken and set new limits running across formidable landscapes from inhospitable deserts, high altitude mountains to wild jungles. From 100 miles to 240 miles non stop, Dion has rebuilt his mental and physical limits in search of the ultra high, to find himself and to become the best he can be.. Dion's journey from fat to fit has inspired people all around the world to take up running and his influence has encouraged many to push their own boundaries to find themselves and achieve what they didn't think was possible. 

Dion Leonard Ultra Runner

The Tough Times Are Worth It In The End...

Dion Leonard Athletic



First MALE to complete Grand Slam x 4 100's and Leadman Series in one year.

Wasatch 100 - 62nd

Leadville 100 - 86th 

Western States 100 - 63rd

Old Dominion 100 - 6th 

Winner of Delirious West 200 mile, Australia


Triple Crown of 200's - 2nd Overall 

Bigfoot 200 - 17th 

Tahoe 200 - 9th

Moab 240 - 7th

Taiwan 100km Ultra Trail - 13th

Hurt 100 - 47th


Marathon des Sable 250km Peru - 22nd


Winner of Kalahari 250km Extreme Marathon 


Mount Gaoligong 100 China - 15th

Gobi Desert 250km - 2nd


Marathon Des Sables 250km - 32nd

Cambodia 220km - 3rd


Marathon Des Sables 250km - 108th

Ring of Fire 135 mile - 3rd

Kalahari 250km Extreme Race - 2nd


Kalahari 250km Extreme Race - 6th

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HURT 100 Dion Leonard

HURT 100 Dion Leonard